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My Brother's Keeper: Ch. 14
Chapter Fourteen: A Counterattack
Lelani hummed to herself softly as she turned over in her bed. “When did these beds get so comfortable?” she half mumbled to herself. She was only half aware of the morning light streaming through the open mouth of her leather cave.
Suddenly, the entire cave started sliding forward across the ground. Her drowsy mind kicked into overtime as she stiffened. Without warning, huge fingers reached in. They began to rummage around, knocking things this way and that.
Lelani screamed as she fell off her bed. She tried her best to scramble away from the unexpected digits.
A gasp resonated from outside the leather as the hand quickly retreated. The celling of the opening lifted slightly and ice-blue eyes peered in.
“Oh sorry! He told me to remember you were there and everything…”
Blinking several times while regaining her composure, Lelani stepped outside. The huge, slumped figure of Pharcipeo met he
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Adrian for Kindii by Bethelina Adrian for Kindii :iconbethelina:Bethelina 9 2 Everybody Say Cheese by Bethelina Everybody Say Cheese :iconbethelina:Bethelina 18 12 Male anatomy practice by Bethelina Male anatomy practice :iconbethelina:Bethelina 7 0
My Brother's Keeper: Ch. 13
Chapter Thirteen: Running Away
Nothing was making sense anymore. The world was melting away with each passing tear. The giant faces hanging above her blurred around the edges. Her eyes were fixated on the huge sky-blue ones that stared right back. Raw emotion bubbled inside, and Lelani was forced to look away.
The air hung heavy with anticipation and confusion. Her living platform rose higher, and she looked back up into the boy’s face. There was no look of recognition in it. Only more confusion mixed with… could that be worry?
“What was that?”
A lump took her throat hostage. She tried once more. It came out as a croak, half strangled by the lump that was growing larger by the second. “Fylo?”
But as soon as the name tumbled out of her mouth, she knew it was pointless to try. The complete lack of reaction dashed any sliver of hope she had somehow retained. The look on his face was clear enough. He had no idea what she was talking about. This bo
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.::My Giant Friend::. by CamiFortuna .::My Giant Friend::. :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 1,035 131
Solitude: ch 1
Roaring from the friction upon hitting the mostly Helium atmosphere, the meteor burned red, then orange, then white in mere seconds. It fell with the intent of leaving its mark on the moons surface and struck it with such incredible force it could have annihilated a populated city and lay waste to the surrounding area.
Fortunately for everyone, this moon was barren as could be. The Helium atmosphere and lack of natural resources short of the silicon in the soil which gave it it's yellow coloring from space didn't really make it a prime location for terraforming. Another feature of the moon was an irregularity in its magnetic field, which drew a vast majority of the asteroids and meteors that came near straight to it.
In an underground compound on the planet, some 200 miles from the impact site, a red light blinked in harmony with a chirping alarm. The base was originally a meteorite examination facility with the purpose of gathering samples and learning what they could from them. Built
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No Way Out Part 7
Part 7
With long strides, Jace soon found a place suitable to stop and rest. He didn't want to
travel too far since the girls still were restrained by ropes, and probably very
uncomfortable, but he wanted to get as far away from the tiny city as possible. Luckily
it didn't take long due to the incredible distance he was able to cover, at least from
the perspective of Maia and Acadia.
Still holding them to his chest, he settled into a comfortable position on the ground
amidst some foliage he was able to find. Much of his anger had subsided by now, just left
with the gnawing of irritation. His eyes and heart softened when he turned his attention
back to his hand, but his face quickly turned to a frown. Before he did anything else, he
wanted to free them from the ropes that were twisted around their fragile bodies, but the
ropes were barely more than threads to him. Lowering them to his lap for a moment, he
took a deep breath and wondered how on earth he was going to get them untangled wi
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
As she walked along the dusty railings of the inner walls, Lilli heard Ethan's words resonating within her head.  The harder she tried to push them away, the deeper they seemed to dig into her mind.  It was enough to give her a headache.  Suddenly, her thoughts were broken when she felt herself being jerked from behind.
"What the-" she exclaimed, only to realize that her foot was hovering over empty space.  She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she wasn't even aware where she had been walking.  If her foot had come down, she would've plummeted, perhaps to her death.  She turned her head to see Poppy, wide-eyed and her teeth clamped down on the hem of her shirt.
"Oh Poppy, thank you," she sighed with a smile, "I wasn't even paying attention."  Poppy released Lilli's shirt and gave a small whimper.  Lilli stared at her friend for a moment, then got onto her knees and wrapped her ar
:iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 41 23

Pet owners: What do you do for your animals during fireworks? 

17 deviants said I allow them to go wherever they feel safe (under furniture/in a kennel/other)
10 deviants said Fireworks don't phase my animals 8-)
5 deviants said Other??
4 deviants said I have to sit with them during the fireworks to help calm them
2 deviants said I have to get doggy/kitty drugs for them...:ohnoes:




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Hello again

Wed Jul 5, 2017, 8:13 PM
What has it been... *checks page* over 2 years since I last uploaded a journal? 4,000+ notifications to sift through (like 98% of those are watch messages). Gah...   Just a warning, this journal might be a bit emo or whatever, so please disregard it if that't not your thing.

So, some big changes have happened in my life. I'm taking a semi-permanent break from school. It took a while from me to learn, but living away from home and away from my dogs doesn't work well for me. So until I am in a place where I can finish school with the support I need, I'll be working to pay off my loans...

I have a serious problem where my insecurities keep me from doing things. Especially when it comes to writing. I don't want to let people down by writing badly so I don't write. I get upset at myself for not writing anything and therefore let people down by not uploading. It's a vicious cycle. My friend jokes that I'll turn 30 before I can actually finish my book. I'm honestly scared she's right.

Through it all though, thank you :iconsweetintent: for keeping me from falling away completely from the G/t community and bugging me to make sure I'm still alive. And for playing Final Fantasy 15 with me.

Anyway, I'm not promising that I'm going to be back. Because given my track record, let's face it, I'll probably be as aloof as I've been. But I'd like to imagine that I can change my absence. I can tell that I feel more depressed when I exclude myself from the community. But I really don't know if I can motivate myself to get on regularly anymore. 

In any case, those of you who stuck around, thank you. I don't feel like I deserve your support, being gone as long and often as I am. 
Sorry, this really turned into an emo rant, didn't it? ^^; I guess I'll show myself out now. :Walk-Away:  

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Trumpet-playing G/t lover
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I decided I needed an account strictly for my G/t art and stories. :love: If you're curious, G/t (or GT amongst other variations) stands for Giant tiny. But you'll only find clean G/t here, my friends! ;) (The G/t fetish freaks me out!)


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